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Lecture Series

image3aBesides regular workshops, the Berlin Network of Labor Market Research organises occasional lecture series with leading international economists. The BeNA Lecture Series (like our other events) are open to the public.

Previous Lecture Series

Year Lecturer Topic
2023 Eric Bettinger
Stanford University School of Education
The Aspiration of Randomization and the Perils Attached
2019 Guido Imbens
Stanford Graduate School of Business
Causal Inference and Machine Learning
2019 Erik A. Hanushek
Stanford University
2018 David Neumark
University of California, Irvine, ESSPRI
The Long-Run Effects of Anti-Poverty Policies
2017 Lowell J. Taylor
Carnegie Mellon University
Three Lectures on Inequality
2016 Uta Schönberg
University College London
The Labor Market Effects of Immigration
2015 Ludger Wößmann
University of Munich
The Economics of Educational Achievement
2013 Daniel Hamermesh
University of Texas at Austin
Discrimination: Theory, Measurement, Applications and Policy
2012 Joseph Altonji
Yale University
Dealing with Selection on Unobservables
2011 Manuel Arellano
CEMFI in Madrid
Panel Data Econometrics: Established Methods and Challenges
2010 Steve Pischke
London School of Economics
Lectures on Empirical Methods Based on “Mostly Harmless Econometrics: An Empiricist’s Companion” (2009)
2009 Steve Machin
University College London
Economics of Education
2008 Michael Lechner
University of St. Gallen
Econometric Evaluations with Matching Methods
2007 Andrea Ichino
University of Bologna
Methods for the Evaluation of Labor Market Policies
2006 Robert A. Hart
University of Stirling
Implicit Contracts in Britain and Real Wage Cyclicality of Job Movers and Stayers
2005 Gerard van den Berg
Free University of Amsterdam
Duration Models of Unemployment and the Analysis of Treatment Effects