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We are PhD students at institutions around Berlin
and Potsdam.

We are young economists conducting labor market research.

We are organizing workshops, skills camp and other events to support each other.

The Berlin Network of Labor Market Research (BeNA) offers young labor market researchers working at universities and research institutions in Berlin and Potsdam a forum for the discussion and development of their work. It is coordinated by young scholars from the participating institutions.

News from the Network

    • Workshop on Life-course Inequality Dynamics Concerns about inequality and questions of social justice and cohesion have re-entered the public arena and animate debate. In his Nobel prize lecture in 2015, Angus Deaton has outlined three imperatives that are key to understanding inequalities and formulating welfare-enhancing policies: …

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    • The 5th Edition of the Trento School of Applied Quantitative Research will take place in Trento, Italy, from 23 to 25 October 2024. The School provides advanced training on key social science research topics using an analytical approach based on sociological, economic, demographic, statistical and computer …

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