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BeNA Guru Talk #6 took place on July 3 at DIW

The sixth BeNA Guru Talk was held on July 2018 at DIW Berlin. This time the topic was Communication in research in academia.  How important is it to distribute one’s work on Twitter, blogs or in newspapers? What were especially positive or negative experiences? Furthermore we also want to talk about networking and interdisciplinary dialogue. In short, how can researchers make their research known to other researchers and to the public, and what are potential limitations or dangers?

Analia Schlosser (Tel Aviv University), Jan Marcus (DIW and Hamburg University) and Hannes Ullrich (DIW, University of Copenhagen and University of Zurich) joined as our gurus.

The lively panel discussion was followed by an informal get-together.


More than 60 scholars participated in panel discussion, which was followed by an informal get-together.