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Virtual Expert Café

The Open Virtual Expert Café of the UNTANGLED project is an open format driven by participants’ contributions. It is an informal online gathering among colleagues, to enable exchange between experts, researchers and stakeholders from the fields of digitalisation, globalisation, migration, work, employment, skills etc. and promote exchange and communication among them.

Join the third Open Virtual Expert Café on June 21, 2022 between 4 and 5:30 PM. Participants are kindly asked to register and decide if they want to actively contribute or just listen and discuss.

Active contributions consist in ONE slide (to be submitted to beforehand) and a 5-minute presentation (“elevator pitch”). Listening, receiving information and asking questions is just as welcome. Further contact and networking is up to participants. Collections of slides and announcements will be shared among participants and/or publicly.

Contributions can be:

  1. any information on an ongoing initiative, project or a result,
  2. a future-oriented announcement (call for papers, event invitation, search for collaborators …
  3. a question asked of participants.