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BeNA Guru Talk

The Submission and Publication Process

The next BeNA Guru Talk takes place on June 27 at 6:30 pm at the DIW Berlin (Elinor Ostrom hall).

We are happy to announce that two absolute star-gurus accepted our invite:

Francine Blau and Daniel S. Hamermesh.  

The topic of the talk will be the submission and publication process. How do you determine the right journal? What is the optimal strategy PhD students? How can research from a German context be framed to an international audience and top journals? What are editors and referees focusing on?

With a joint citation count of more than 40,000 (Google Scholar), countless top publications and extensive experience in editorial services, our gurus are well equipped to give advice on these topics and share anecdotes from their experience.

The one hour event will be followed by an informal get together.

We kindly ask you to register for the event with Jonas Jessen (click on name to send an email) so that we can plan the amount of beer and pretzels to be ordered.


Jonas and Daniel


The BeNA Guru Talk series is a new format aimed at doctoral students and postdoctoral researchers in economics where professionals from academia, the public, and private sectors are invited to talk about their PhD careers and to answer questions regarding what to do and what to avoid during your PhD, how to decide what to do after your PhD, and how to make the best of your PhD years.

Previous talks were held on topics such as Choice of the PhD topic and Co-authors, Research Stays Abroad  or Career Perspectives after the PhD.