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Marco Bertoni (University of Padova): “Does postponing minimum retirement age improve healthy behaviours?”

The next meeting of BeNA in Winter Semester 2015/16 is taking place on Wednesday, January 27, 6.15-7.45 pm at DIW Berlin, Room 2.026 (Schmoller).

We are glad to welcome Marco Bertoni (University of Padova) who will present his paper “Does postponing minimum retirement age improve healthy behavior? Evidence from Middle-Aged Italian Workers” (joint with Giorgio Brunello and Gianluca Mazzarella). Please see the abstract below. After the meeting we are all going out for a dinner. Everyone is welcome to join.

We would also like to encourage you to talk with Marco about your research. In order to set up an appointment, please write a mail to Alexandra Fedorets

For all upcoming talks in the winter semester have a look at the semester program.

Abstract “Does postponing minimum retirement age improve healthy behavior? Evidence from Middle-Aged Italian Workers”:

We exploit the exogenous variation in minimum retirement age induced by a sequence of Italian pension reforms during the 1990s and 2000s to estimate whether postponing minimum retirement age increases individual investment in healthy behaviours. Using data on male workers aged 40 to 49, we find that lengthening the working horizon increases the likelihood of carrying out sports regularly, and reduces smoking, drinking and the likelihood of consuming red meat and soft drinks daily. Our findings are in line with a life-cycle model of investment in health capital.